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DEF - def/ adj. to describe a person, thing, or event that is cool.

Definitions of DEF:

1. def /def/ adj. to describe a person, thing, or event that is cool. archaic, circa 1981
"yo, mah pizzles, I got da hook-up at this def new club. It's suppose ta be off da hizzy"

2. def/ It means like terrific or great or excellent
"I bet you were def." ~Fresh Prince Of Bel Air when he's talking to Ashley about her singing. 1st episode

3. def/ Def ain't short for Deffinitly.
Def means cool, ill, dope. You know.
"Yo man Bone Thugs N Harmony are one of the most def groups of all time."

4. defs/ A short form for the word definetly.
"I'm defs keeping this on the DL."
"Are you going to John's tonight?" - "Defs."

5. def./n. An abbreviation of "definitely"
The Asian girl asked, "What's your fav. position?"
Digitus answered, "Def. the doggy-style... Do you wanna do it?"
The Asian girl replied, "Nah, later maybe. I mean we just did in the forest this morning! We
should not do it for a couple of days."
Digitus replied, "You're right. Do you want to watch some TV?"
The Asian girl answered, "Yeah."
They sat down as they turned on the TV.

6. Defs/ A shortened word for definitely
She is defs the hottest girl out

7. def/ Can be short for definitely or definition.
It can also be used to emphasize a word such as something is really cool or really not cool, etc.
(orgin well the celtic swim '06-07 team can take credit i guess)
Gouge Vomit Burn is the def. of sick nasty.
(definition) That's def going to happen.
(definitely) Are we going to have a dance party later? Yeah def!

8. D.E.F./ (noun)
See also davefeldman it will bring you to the right place
Look over there at that D.E.F.

9. Defs/ Short for "Definitely"
- "Sometime in the future, we're going to that Harry Potter amusument park."
- "defs!!"

10. defs/ the uncool, lazy way of saying "definitely"
Hey Carly, i'm your best friend right?"
"Yea! defs!

11. defs/ short for definately origniated from the land of wycombe inhabited by the abbey massive cru, who have officially spread it across the country
livi - 'lets go check out those RGS hotties'
karms - 'defs '

12. defs/ the uncool lazy way of saying "definitely"
Hey carly, i'm you're best friend right?"
"Yea! defs!

13. Defs/ A shortened word for defintions - used by instant messaging high school students and sometimes in every day conversation
Kenny: hey man, what other defs can we add?
The world should be informed of the bad things people say
Alex : We'll help people define what goes on this this world...

14. defs/ plurism of the word def
I spent all day entering stupid defs into the urbandictionary.

15. def/
1. short for definitely
2. short for definition
3. death, misspelled
4. record label Def Jam
5. deaf, misspelled and most importantly:
That song is def man!!

16. def/ def- short for defence in gamers community.
They will atack now !!! so all back and lets def ffs !

17. def/ Permutation of "deft". Adroit.
Yo, sir. Those moves are def.

18. def/ Short form of "definitely", as it flows a lot better and can be said much quicker.
Ray: Would you tap that?
Geoff: Def not!

19. def/ def- short for definatly
is it pos for someone to be def ser about something that is def not pos to be ser about

20. def/ Short for definitely.
I always mispell the word definitely, so its easier to text def, than spend 5 minutes trying to fix the messed up word I get from T9 on my cell phone.

21. Def/ Origin: " Definate "
" Def " : To strongly concur with a previously made statement.
Wes: Man i'm bored... is your dealer home?
Mike: Def dude :D.

22. DEF/ DEF means that something is really good or to someones standards.
DEF also means not being able to hear anything
DEF does NOT mean definitly
That concert last night was so DEF
Yo Im DEF from that concert last night

23. Def/ The hip/gangsta way of saying Death.
According to the Ali G Show,
Ali: "Yo, lets talk about this thing called def man. You know, D-e-f"
Doctor: *my God this man is a complete moron*

24. def/ short for definetly...
"that is most def the best damn thing i ever saw"

25. def/ short for "definitely"
Ah you're def close to me then. If you're tech savvy, I might just need your help to give me a hand in hooking up my comp at my soon-to-be home.

26. def/ Short for 'defective', which means 'the Ultimate', superlative, better than good...
This started some time after Michael Jackson's "I'm Bad" video, in which 'bad', of course, meant 'good'.
So, to denote a meaning that means the ultimate superlative of 'good', people started using 'defective', which of course is the ultimate superlative of 'bad', and which then was simply abbreviated to 'def'.
Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam

27. def/ abreviation for the word definately, usually used by kids who are either way cool, or way lame.
the only way to pull of using the term "def" is to be the first one around to use it.
if you're just copying someone, people might think you're lame.
Kara asked if the new guy was cute.
Emily repiled, "Oh most def! He's soo hot!"

28. def/ Certain. First used by Run-DMC. Sort for definate.
Were the best most def.

29. def/ short for "definatley"
"That is def the ugliest thing I've ever seen."

30. Def/ IS short for definitive. Originated in NY, no doubt.
"#3 on your touch tone, D-E-F spells def" either Tak or Ryu of Styles of Beyond...

31. def/ Short for definately, but often used sarcastically.
(Person A looking at a hot chick)
Person A: I think I have a chance with that babe.
Person B: Def dude.

32. def/ Extremely good or talented, from the word "death".
That's a def tag up you got there.

33. def/ Word commonly used in place of "definetly"...most often heard when in the presence of Julie and Mandie
Julie - Getting drunk later, though?
Mandie - Def.

34. Def/'s abbreviation for 'definition'. See the 'new def' link at the top of the page.
I added a new def today.
Okay, okay, I DO sound stupid.


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